Is your company looking for a means to promote your company or gather information from clients/customers online? Outside The Box: Brand Development can help you create electronic documents that integrate your videos, web site data, social media content, auto-calculate numbers and provides a stable platform that can be used on all mobile devices, and computers, to promote your business to potential clients and customers.

E-Docs have evolved to be more than a means to read a book, but an interactive experience the drives growth, provides valuable information to customers and gathers feedback from your clients effectively and efficiently.

E-documents have allowed businesses to utilize the power of technology and social media into a portable, interactive and responsive document that reduces the time to identify the needs of their customers. Integrating video, social links, fillable forms, real-time data while connecting customers to various touch points a business has, makes e-documents an invaluable resource to increase customer feedback and reduce time in addressing their needs.

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