Client Background

Taylor Media Promotions reached out to Outside the BOX: Brand Development to create their brand. They had an idea of what their brand was to look like and the experience they wanted to convey, but they didn’t know how to put the pieces together into a functioning brand. They wanted the brand to feel vast and open to the world of business while giving the experience of ever expanding horizons of possibilities using social media. 

Our Challenge

Having first hand experience working with media companies, we understood the unique position Taylor Media Promotions had to work with, the vast possibilities of using social media and the unlimited world of the online universe. This may sound like a cleché but the reality of this is very real. Our challenge was to embody this vision and feeling into a logo and then create a brand that encompassed the elements of the online world.

“Working with Patrick from Outside The Box: Brand Development, was and still is Great! He created my logo from scratch. Patrick was able to take my vision and make it reality. I have recommended him to numerous businesses for their branding and graphic design”

Sarah Taylor – Taylor Media Promotions

“Patrick is amazing at his craft! He and I got to work together on the prom event for Youth Haven Shelter for at risk and homeless youth. He took the time to listen to thoughts for advertising and nailed every single project to perfection and in a timely manner. Thank you Patrick”

Jennifer Kaplinski – Youth Haven

Our Solution Process

Outside the BOX: Brand Development started with the vision of Taylor Media Promotions and created a solution that embodied both the feeling and the literal image of the company. Through market analysis and research, we created an image that perfectly suited Taylor Media Promotions goal. The final logo solution represented the cresting sunlight breaking over the earth as seen from space. This logo both created the metaphor of “new horizons” and the literal translation of a global industry that encompasses the world. 


In our initial meetings with Taylor Media Promotions, the theme of space came up multiple times and it appeared this would be the focus of the visuals of the brand. Like many brands, having a theme that can be drawn across all media is very important but a brand needs more to be successful. We focussed our conversation with the company’s values and goals  and discovered that it was important that the brand be targeted towards new businesses and encourage education, as well as services, in the social media industry. This provided Taylor Media Promotions a unique position in the social media services market place and differentiated itself from its competitors. 


With a clear focus on global appeal and accentuating the world wide metaphor, Outside the BOX: Brand Development saw that the best way to bring this theme, and vision, into focus was to begin with researching images of the earth and create a strategy to connect  the world wide web, and social media, with new businesses. 

Design Solution

As the brand strategy came together for Taylor Media Promotions, images of space and photographs of planet earth became more important to illustrating the vast online world social media creates and the advantages it provides new businesses. The final logo design creates the sense of vastness, awe and potential for opportunity by taking advantage of social media. The logo uses the clients choice in blue with the usage of amber and white embodying the cresting of the sun as it breaks over the silhouette of the planet earth. This embodies the potential Taylor Media Promotions brings to their clients and the opportunities their decades worth of experience using the web, delivers to a company’s revenue and exposure.

Case Studies