Client Background

Laura Joy Photography had a request to create a project information form, for her clients, that would promote her photography studio as well as gather the important information she would need to prepare for her “social media mini session” with her client. Laura Joy Photography wanted a simple solution that was able to be given to clients through her website, social media platforms, email and be able to be printed out as an intake form in her studio. She also wanted the solution to require little effort, by the client, to open and use as well as be able to display her client work accurately.

Our Challenge

Understanding the nature of Laura Joy Photography’s business and the requirements placed on the solution, we prioritized several items to consider. The first was creating a document that was able to run independently on multiple operating systems as well as being able to be used on desktop, laptop and mobile devices with a minimal need for additional software. Second, the form needs to incorporate multiple pages of information in a compact package that was quick to download as well as being able to return the document to Laura Joy Photography using the same device. Thirdly, the document needs to be able to display fillable form fields, active social links and website URL and online media without adding to the document’s size. Fourth, the document needs to be able to portray all client work at a quality that shows off her talents and experience as a photographer.

“Patrick Davis is incredibly invested in making sure your brand stands out. He is incredibly detailed and knowledgable and works hard to make sure you have a brand that will serve you. If you are looking to create a brand from the ground up or even if you need a refresh for your business, Outside the Box should be your first stop!”

Laura Bainborough – Laura Joy Photography

“Patrick listened to my thoughts and ideas for my logo and came up with something that was absolutely perfect. It was like he had seen what I was after, and put it on paper for me. He is thorough and keen to create something just for you, that works for your business. A pleasure to do business with you, Patrick!”

Trisha Cuthbertson

Our Solution Process

Outside the BOX: Brand Development concluded that creating an interactive electronic document in a PDF format would provide Laura Joy Photography with the flexibility they needed for the distribution of the form on multiple media sources, allows for active content, has a proven record of being a reliable platform,  is able to be viewed on 97% of all operating systems and all mobile devices and can maintain the quality of images needed to showcase Laura Joy Photography’s client work.


Our initial meetings set the standards for this project. Laura Joy Photography needed a document that could provide an experience, and a platform, to promote her services and allow for a positive impression to be made on clients of her capabilities and experience. There was a need for the document to be casual, fun, “light” hearted and comfortable while providing the overall feeling of a professional photography studio.


In our discussions with Laura Joy Photography, we identified various criteria that the intake form would have to utilize or be able to accommodate the expectations set out by Laura Joy Photography. 

Active Content: The ability for the document to utilize content, or links, from external sources and the world wide web.

Video: The document will need to incorporate promotional video(s) into it’s pages without increasing the document file size dramatically.

Links: The document will require the use of URL links to Laura Joy Photography’s website and social media touch-points.

Fillable Area(s): The document will need to have areas where information can be placed, by clients, to answer Laura Joy Photography’s questions.

Custom Buttons: Create buttons that use java script to utilize the client’s email and networked printers.

Design Solution

Outside the BOX: Brand Development gathered together all the data from our discussions with Laura Joy Photography and our analysis of their needs and came up with a solution. We put forward the concept of using a 5 page, full colour, PDF that provided an  easy to use form to gather feedback in preparation of her “Social Media Mini Sessions”. Using this platform, we were able to integrate every goal and criteria Laura Joy Photography wanted as well as giving the photography studio the ability to update and change the media content with ease. 

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