Client Background

HarbourLife approached Outside the BOX: Brand Development to work with them in creating a brand that embodied their beliefs and values while supporting the company’s vision. HarbourLife strongly believed in wanted their brand image, and message, to be clean, light and focussed on the holistic idea of helping their customers better themselves using natural means.

Our Challenge

HarbourLife wanted to acknowledge their decades of experience and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry while creating a brand that revolved around natural solutions to everyday medical conditions. Adding to this, HarbourLife provides a hands on approach through chiropractic and homeopothy.  This suggested a merging between a knowledge, product and proactive treatment based branding. This created a unique position, and advantage, for their company and a challenge to effectively create a uniform message that was visual and simple to communicate to their customers. 

“Patrick has a keen mind for details, and truly understands branding and how it affects your business. If you’re looking for someone to revitalize your brand, Patrick is your guy!”

Dr. Tim Lahn – Optimum Wellness centres


“Working with Patrick from Outside The Box: Brand Development, was and still is Great! He created my logo from scratch. Patrick was able to take my vision and make it reality. I have recommended him to numerous businesses for their branding and graphic design”

Sarah Taylor – Taylor Media Promotions

Our Solution Process

Outside the BOX: Brand Development created a solution that used natural colours, and images, to emphasize the holistic aspect of the brand. Providing the visual hook for the brand, we decided on a single green leaf, surrounded by crystal clear spring water, to bring the wholesome and natural value of the brand into focus. Outside the BOX: Brand Development continued the natural them throughout all promotional and marketing materials for the brand. 


Our initial meetings brought two main focusses to the forefront in our discussions. The first was to use nature as a common thread throughout the brand and second, build a relationship with customers through education and guidance.

HarbourLife was dedicated on building long lasting relationships with their customers by providing  informed options for their needs. The company’s vision was to become a trusted resource for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working in conjunction with their customer’s medical professionals. 


HarbourLife was dedicated to their customers needs but required the marketing and promotional tools to communicate their message to the general public. They had the social media and online followers but no brand to leverage to encourage growth. Outside the BOX: Brand Development saw this as an opportunity for the company and began to create a uniform brand image and brand message to promote the company to their customers.

By identifying the company’s primary customer touch-points, we put forth options to support existing media while suggesting new solutions to strengthen weaker areas of their brand.

Design Solution

Our solution for HarbourLife’s brand was three fold. The first was to create a unique identity that provided insight into the company while conveying the theme of nature through the use of colour and imagery. The second element was to standardize the company’s message and visuals, on all media, to fall within the brand’s new guidelines. The third was to create promotional material that educated and conveyed the value and purpose of HarbourLife while encouraging relationships with customers. 

By integrating these three elements into existing marketing and social materials along with creating new collateral for the company, Outside the BOX: Brand Development looked to strengthen brand awareness, increase market share and position HarbourLife as a leader in its region.

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