Client Background

Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. contacted Outside the BOX: Brand Development to explore what options they had to increase annual revenue growth, revitalize their brand image to be more identifiable within their industry and increase awareness of their competitive advantage apposed to their competitors. 

Our Challenge

While the industry of using drones for surveying is relatively new, the challenge was making the Canadian UAV Solutions Inc.’s brand look and feel energized while allowing the imagery to tell the story and draw potential clients into the brand through curiosity and clarity of purpose.

Credibility for Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. needed to be established quickly, with a young company, and positioned to take advantage of the public’s interest in drones along with emphasizing the many benefits in using drones over contemporary, expensive, surveying techniques. 

“Patrick is a powerhouse. From knowing about the psychology behind why a brand works right through to proper documentation for print houses for branding output, Patrick is there for you, listening, every step of the way – highly recommended”

Dave Thompson – Miripoix I.T.

“Patrick from Outside the Box has always been easy to deal with. The best thing about Patrick is how fast he has been able to assist me with my projects. Anytime I ask for something ranging from simple to complex – he has been able to react and reply to me promptly. Thanks for your great work !”

Nicolas White – Sonic Print

Our Solution Process

Outside the BOX: Brand Development examined the needs and goals of Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. and reinvented the message and feeling the brand gave to it clients. We looked at maintaining the existing colour pallet of the brand, vibrant red and white, and created graphics that embody movement, excitement and energy while specifically pointing out a major benefit of the services Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. provides to its clients. The final design solution is simple, clear, direct and memorable while being emotionally impactful to potential clients. 


Our initial meetings focussed on understanding the business of drone surveying and the role it plays for Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. clients. Through this discussion we broadened the conversation to include all touch-points customers have to learn and build credibility with the company. Discussions included how  Canadian UAV Solutions Inc. was using this media to market and promote their drone surveying and what those results have been. We examined client feedback, target market growth projections and overall market conditions for their industry.


Outside the BOX: Brand Development identified three areas that would lead to stronger revenue growth and an increase in industry awareness for the company. The first was identifying the strengths of Canadian UAV Solutions Inc’s services and then clearly projecting those strengths, and uniform message, to potential clients. The second was using drones, and drone images, as the keystone in all communication mediums (online, social, video and print) for the company. The third goal was to identify the industries that would benefit most from Canadian UAV Solutions Inc’s services and specifically target their needs by promoting how drone surveying would benefit their industries. 

Design Solution

Outside the BOX: Brand Development examined our analysis and focussed on creating a brand that was identifiable through colour and imagery. We decided to place “drones” at the forefront of the brand to encourage immediate recognition of the company, and its purpose, while using Canadian UAV Solutions Inc’s brand colours to make it highly visible. 

After creating a guide to image and colour application, we began looking at the overall message the company was conveying to their clients. We examined how the new brand image would affect the company’s marketing, advertising and promotions and decided to be more direct with Canadian UAV Solutions Inc’s message. We decided to include more technical information to bolster credibility and appeal to clients who are knowledgeable with their services and capabilities.

Case Studies