Client Background

Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc. approached Outside the BOX: Brand Development with the vision of creating a new sales package that visually portrayed a global sense for their medical care products as well as create a more streamlined package that made it easier to understand the benefits of the services clients had at their fingertips.

Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc’s goals with the redesign was to increase product appeal, simplify the understanding of their services, be  more direct in showing the value of their services and provide a long lasting impression that would appeal to the Canadian market

Our Challenge

With a short timeline for development, Outside the BOX: Brand Development examined the factors that would directly affect the effectiveness of Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc’s sales package and the roll it would play in marketing in the Canadian market.

The sales package would have to be flexible (able to address the specific needs of potential clients across Canada), maintain established brand standards while creating a unique image that visually separated Canadian operations from other global divisions, create a visually telling design that conveyed the value of the product and provide a user friendly package that encouraged discussion and education.

“Patrick Davis is incredibly invested in making sure your brand stands out. He is incredibly detailed and knowledgable and works hard to make sure you have a brand that will serve you. If you are looking to create a brand from the ground up or even if you need a refresh for your business, Outside the Box should be your first stop!”

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“I’ve worked with Patrick on a number of projects for my business, from rebranding, to creating new product literature. He’s fun to work with and very responsive! Highly recommended!”

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Our Solution Process

Following our proven design process, Outside the BOX: Brand Development examined how we could create a visually stunning package, that resembled the existing Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc’s brand and could fulfill the needs of both the client, customer and broker.


From the beginning, Outside the BOX: Brand Development looked at the potential of this project and the impact it would play in the growth of Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc. in Canada. 

Our initial meeting discussed many factors from target market identification, unique characteristics that defined the company, project goals and vision, what experience they saw when using the sales package and the impact they wanted to have on their revenue growth. By understanding their position, their company and having experience working within the insurance industry, Outside the BOX: Brand Development defined and created guidelines to work within to achieve the goals for this project.


Outside the BOX: Brand Development examined all the information that was provided to us by Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc. and created a strategy that outlined what the sales package needed to have to be effective. We evaluated the current sales package for both its strengths and weaknesses and how it was used within the Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc’s brand and long term marketing strategy.

Our analysis then took us into exploring the competitive market environment the sales package would work within and how it would be used at all levels of the sales process. Through this, we gained insight into how the package need to be designed and what was required to fulfil the goals of the client.

Design Solution

Outside the BOX: Brand Development chose to create a sales package emphasizing four key words: “global”, “functional”, “medical” and “elite”. These words are at the heart of the design solution and represent the entire package in a snapshot. 

GLOBAL: Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc. is a world wide company that provides medicare globally. To highlight this fact, the earth was used throughout all materials to drive home this point. It’s simple, direct and familiar and has a dual purpose of suggesting the scope of the services being provided. The image of earth is setting a subconscious expectation to provide a high level of service and security to their clients.

ELITE: Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc. has created a business model of providing medical services far above the accepted level Canadians are used to. With this in mind, Outside the BOX: Brand Development wanted to portray the sales package as an “elite” product. This included using a selection of blues to emphasize the nature of the product and provide a sense that the potential client is about to open is of high valued product and it should be taken seriously.  We also looked at creating a clear and easy-to-read layout using an information hierarchy to identify key information for easy reference and understanding. 

MEDICAL: The single purpose of this sales package is to promote and inform the medicare Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc. provides their clients. Using suggestive icons and photographs to support this focus, we created an identifiable presence that informs the potential client of the contents of the sales package. 

FUNCTIONAL: One of the strategies involved with creating this new sales package was to have a sales package that could be customizable using existing, and future, promotional materials to extend the life of promotional materials while keeping the costs to updated materials at a minimum. Pieces can be added and subtracted over the life span of the sales package making it modular while maintaining current information on all products and services offered by Best Doctors Insurance Services Inc..

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